Harald wisthaler

The morning rattling of the skilift on the Helm – a mountain close to my house in the midst of the Innichner Dolomites – has attracted me to the slopes every day since childhood: sledding at first, and later snowboarding and skiing. Today, I often go up in the mountains to take pictures before sunrise. Mountain biking, trail running, hiking or paragliding, skiing, be it alpine, touring or cross-country, summer or winter, I specialize in sports photography, both for advertising purposes and at events and races. But I also like to capture architectural objects with my lens and enjoy advertising and studio photos. The exciting thing for me is getting to know new people, whether athletes, architects, organizers, marketing managers or hoteliers, and spending time with them: everyone has their own philosophy of life, which I try to capture with my camera.

Harald Wisthaler, born 1986, lives as a freelance photographer in Vierschach/Innichen – South Tyrol. He is particularly fascinated by the combination of mountains and sports. He has reported on various major national and international events such as the MTB Marathon World Championships, or the FIS World Cup in Val Gardena, and works for Goretex, Dynafit; Viking, EA7-Armani, Prinoth and many more. In the tourism sector, Harald has supplied pictures for the city marketing of Bad Tölz and various hotels in South Tyrol. Since 2016 Harald Wisthaler has been on the board of the Association of South Tyrolean Professional Photographers and on the Professional Advisory Board of Photographers in the lvh.apa, trade association for crafts and service providers in South Tyrol. Harald is also keen to pass on his expertise in workshops and likes to take part in exhibitions.



2018-2020 • Redbull Room, Lumen, Bruneck (IT)

2018-2019 • Gasometer, Oberhausen (DE) – Der Berg ruft.

2014 • Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, Innichen (IT) – EMOTION

2012 • Fußgängerzone Innichen (IT) – Sportliche Klicks

2012 • Kunstraum Café Mitterhofer, Innichen (IT) • Zyklus

2012 • Galerie Foto-Forum Bozen (IT) • Beitrag zur Wiedereröffnung in der neuen Galerie

2011 • Stadtgalerie Brixen (IT) • Life with ART is GOOD for YOU

2010 • Galerie Foto-Forum Bozen (IT)  • Projekt Kunst am Bau/Salon Himmelblau, Arch. Hitthaler

2008 • UFO Jugend und Kulturzentrum Bruneck (IT) • Bar(ely) light

2007 • Stadtgalerie Bruneck (IT) • „Licht-Bilder“ – Fotografie im 20. Jahrhundert

2006 • Galerie Buchladen am Rienztor, Bruneck (IT) • NightFlight

2005 • UFO Jugend und Kulturzentrum Bruneck (IT) • Lebenssekunden dem Vergessen entreisen